The E-book “Our experience: towards the implementation of a European project” represents a narration of the R.E.C project. It focuses on the emotional and relational aspects that have guided the cooperation work of the European team involved in the project.
The e-book collects all the materials of the project (photos, stories, diaries, self-reports) and tells all the phases of the project in order to make the R.E.C. experience replicable by other working groups. It is a collective publication, composed of 6 chapters, each written by a partner, and is edited by Antonia Cunti and Alessandra Priore of the University of Naples “Parthenope”.

Each chapter describes the way in which each partner has carried out the project in all its phases and highlights design, implementation, cooperation, exchange, difficulties and outcomes achieved. The e-book aims to share the good practices implemented in the countries involved, to tell the specificity of the educational contexts.

The publication is produced in a fluid and informative way and is intended for all those interested in understanding how the project was implemented from the both of the project idea to the conclusion.