On November 28, 2017, from 9:00 to 13:00, at the Aula Magna, of the Naples Parthenope University, the first Multiplier Events “LET’S START TO R.E.C.” took place.

Among the guests of the morning we mention the Councilor for Education of the City of Naples (Anna Maria Palmieri) who brought greetings from the mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris

The Guarantor of Infancy and Adolescence Cesare Romano

Luigi Baldascini – Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Director of the Relational Psychotherapy Institute of Naples and Caserta. He introduced the world of systems and relationships in school, particularly through the systemic optics and the model used in I.P.R., that is the Modello di Articolazione Intersistemica (M.A.I.).

Andreja Starcic – Professor of didatics and Vice Dean of University of Primorska, University of Ljubijana (Slovenia) The presentation focused on teaching approaches with a special attention to integrative techonology approach. Instructional design was presented for digital storytelling which combines the conventional resources and traditional creative techniques with digital expression in teachers’ and students’ training.

Antonia Cunti – Full Professor of General and social pedagogy, University of Naples “Parthenope”. The professor introduced an historical, cultural and pedagogical excursus of teaching and learning paths to understand how emotional and relational dimensions have been present in the Italian school for decades.

Ana Maria Rotaru – School Inspector for Education Projects, Private Education and Alternative Education, Bacau Romania. In addition to introducing to her institution, she spoke about some projects that have already actively promoted at the local level regarding emotional and relational skills at school.

Mirella Adamo, Project Manager of “La Fabbrica Spa”, explained in detail the e-learning platform that was created for the project.

Vesela Todorova is a senior expert of science and ecology in Regional Department of Education- Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. Her professional interests are about students’ and teachers’ motivation in learning. She makes different research in that field. She was a coordinator of two Comenius Regio Projects under Lifelong Learning Programme. She has experience on different trainings related to social and emotional competences at school.

Frode Josang of lenden skole og ressurssenter. Frode Joesang is partly connected to the systemic team and partly working in a secondary school for children with disruptive behaviour. He spoke about different projects conserning mental health. He is attending a project called Monika which is a state funded project with the focus on teachers role in helping students who struggle with personal problems.

VIDEO LINK: https://www.facebook.com/RECatschool/videos/554354761570487/