In the Seventh meeting, called Let’s meet each other, playing”, the teachers start the third module of the REC training “The teacher relationship and class group”. Any human group develops over time a collective mind whose unconscious part provides, according to the M.A.I, the coexistence of three primary groups (the family group, the peer group and the adult group).

In order to comply with his / her educational / training mandate, the teacher must be able to recognize these emotional moments by acquiring the necessary skills to bring the students’ class back to the working group condition.

After the theoretical and methodological introduction to the new module each trainer, to resume some contents of the first part of the course, brought in the classroom “The identity card of the teacher R.E.C, according to M.A.I.” to be filled out. So through this game every teacher has identified and has reflected on own types personality sharing it with the group.This allowed to work on self-knowledge and on horizontal relationships among colleagues.Also, in the and of meeting, each trainer has proposed to the group of teachers to experiment the game “intertwined. Through this methodology it was also possible to work circa the cooperation among the teachers.