This model can be used to increase the teachers conciousness about his own relations towards pupils. The three first levels are positive levels. Level 4 ( Intimate) is more contradictive and the teachers should be aware.

  • PROFESSIONAL: Where the content of the relationship is related to teaching and subjects, the teacher primarily uses theory as a reflection basis and colleagues as reflection partners.
  • PERSONAL: Where the content of the relationships links together the professional and personal development. Increased emphasis on the social and emotional competence perspective. Showing interest in the pupils social life, interests and out of school activities.
  • PRIVATE: The relationship content is linked to personal interest areas, personal involvement and where you present narratives from your own life. On this level you also opens up for emotional aspects of learning and relationships and talk about values, attitudes and feelings.
  • Intimate : Where teacher-student roles are expelled and the relationship is built on “false” strategies. False strategies could be to lend money to the student, to be too cool, to let the student break rules and not confront because you are afraid of rejection a.s.o. This is a controversial relationship in a pedagogical context.

Frode Jøsang, Lenden school and resource centre, Stavanger