What are the factors that motivate the students to learn? Highly motivated children are ease to recognize: they are enthusiastic, interested, involved and curious; they try hard and persist; they actively cope with challenges and setbacks. These are the students should stay longer at school, learn more, feel better about themselves, and continue their education after high school.

Although motivated students are easy to identify, they are difficult to find. Across the preschool to high school years, students’ intrinsic motivation decreases and they feel increasingly alienated from learning.

There are many psychological factors that influence the learning motivation but from educational point of view, we must mentioned one very important factor – teacher behaviour.

There are a lot of findings suggest that students who are behaviourally disengaged receive teacher responses that should further undermine their motivation. The importance of student – teacher relationship, especially interpersonal involvement, in optimizing student motivation is highlighted.

Vesela Todorova, senior expert of science and ecology, Regional Department of Education – Pazardzhik, Bulgaria