IPR – Istituto di Psicoterapia Relazionale srl – Italia

The Relational Psychotherapy Institute (I.P.R.), founded in 1990 by Luigi Baldascini, is based in Naples, Caserta and Cesena. The main activities of I.P.R are research, clinic and training in psychology and psychotherapy field. The theoretical frame of reference is the Modello di Articolazione Intersistemica (M.A.I.) (Baldascini 1993, Vita da Adolescenti; Baldascini 2002, Legami terapeutici; Baldascini 1996, Il gruppo in formazione:apprendimento e cambiamento; Baldascini 2008,L’adozione consapevole). The I.P.R. is the manager of the Specialization’s School in Relational Psychotherapy recognized by M.I.U.R. in accordance with Law 56/89 art. 3.


Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Bacau – Romania

Bacau County School Inspectorate, a decentralized public service of the Ministry of National Education, is organized at Bacau County level and acts to achieve the objectives of the education system provided by the National Education Law no. 1/2011, in the field of pre-university education. Our main task is to coordinate, monitor and control the schools of all levels in the county of Bacau (about 300 public educational units: kindergartens, primary schools, gymnasiums and trades schools and 20 private education units).

La Fabbrica spa – Italia

La Fabbrica is an independent, international communication agency active since 1984, specialized in creating projects of corporate reputation and in developing of educational projects. La Fabbrica builds value-based creative narratives, and develops integrated and experiential communication platforms to help companies communicate effectively their missions and values to all stakeholders.


Leden Skole Og Ressurssenter – Norway

There are about 40 employees in Lenden School and Resource Centre, and it is a unit consisting of 5 different departments. We have a school unit for 10 pupils in secondary school and also a small and flexibel unit for pupils in crisis. There are two different departments offering a one – day placement for children at risk to give them a short and positiv brake from their ordinary school. Both these departments are linked to sea- activities. One unit is serving families struggling with severe challanges in bringing up their children with multippel or severe diagnoses. We also have one unit offering help in mainstream schools dealing with inclusion and intervention. The last unit is a system- oriented department keeping courses for teachers and parents, running whole school project, screening surveys and working with school- and classroom learning environment.


Regional Department of Education Pazardzhik – Bulgaria

Regional Department of Education- Pazardzhik is one of 28 province departments on behalf of Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria. It is organized at Pazardzhik County level and acts to achieve the objectives of the education system provided by the National Education Law in the field of pre-university education. Our main task is to coordinate, monitor, evaluate and control the schools of all levels in district Pazardzhik (within 12 municipality). There are about 200 educational units in the district: kindergartens, primary schools, seconfary schools, gymnasiums and vocational schools.


Università degli studi di Napoli Parthenope – Italia

University of Naples “Parthenope” is divided into 7 departments: Law, Engineering, Sciences and Technology, Movement Sciences and Wellness, Business and Quantitative Studies, Business and Economic Studies, Economic and Legal Studies.
Within the Department of Movement Sciences and Wellness, the pedagogical component, coordinated by Antonia Cunti, mainly deals with guidance and training of teachers in the perspective of reflexivity.

Univerza Na Primorskem – Slovenia

The University of Primorska, Faculty of Education is a higher education institution that performs educational, scientific research and artistic activities in the field of educational sciences. Based on the calls by the Ministry of Education, Science and sport of the Republic of Slovenia the UP PEF also performs programmes of further education and training of professionals in education (supplementary and updating programmes).