890 Relational and Emotional Questionnaires (RECQ) were filled by Bulgarian teachers and students during March. REC questionnaires represent five dimensions of REC& self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship management and responsible decision-making. Each item selects for the initial pool of items reflected one of the five areas in the framework:

  • Self-awareness – “I understand my mood and feelings”, “I know when I am moody”
  • Social awareness – “If someone is sad, angry or happy, I believe I know what they are thinking”, “I understand why people react the way they do”
  • Self-management – “I stay calm when things go wrong”, “I can control the way I feel when something bad happens”
  • Relationship management – “I always try and comfort my friends when they are sad”, “I try not to criticize my friend when we quarrel”
  • Responsible decision – making – “When making decisions, I take into account the consequences of my actions”, “I consider the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy before deciding to use it”