During the meeting teachers tell their experience about emotional communication and they explore together with the group and the trainer their emotions about this listening experience. At the end of the meeting most of them shared “The task of presenting ourselves in front of the others is not always easy to perform because it reflects our own (often critical) viewpoint for ourselves – as we perceive, what we feel about value in our work, the way we look for ourselves identity and appreciate our contribution as a whole. Very often people have a different worldview for the same phenomena. The way in which we present our partner in the second part of the task is also of paramount importance to all participants. This is the moment when one sees his reflection in the mirror of foreign perceptions. The audience, in turn, analyzes both the presenter and the presentations. All this leads to the realization that, to a very large extent, we are what the others perceive us. Teamwork helps to self-monitor and realize which of our personal qualities we define as strong and what strong / weak traits we observe in others. The attitude and comment of our colleagues is the mirror that reflects our initial projection. This is a means of finding ourselves and our place in the team”